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Casco in stile "Angry Birds" per Heikki Kovalainen

Il finlandese ha modificato la sua livrea dopo aver raggiunto un accordo di partnership

15 marzo 2012 15:43

Casco in stile "Angry Birds" per Heikki Kovalainen

Nelle ultime due stagioni ci eravamo abituati a riconoscere Heikki Kovalainen per il suo casco in tinta con i colori della Caterham (ex Team Lotus), ma il finlandese ha deciso di modificare la sua livrea in vista del campionato 2012.

Heikki ha deciso di dedicare il suo casco ad Angry Birds, videogioco che sta andando per la maggiore sugli smartphone, di cui è diventato appassionato anche il portacolori della squadra di Tony Fernandes.

"Questa è una bella partnership. E' la prima volta che mi sono legato ad una compagnia di videogiochi. Essendo finlandese poi sono felice di poter dare il mio contributo ad una compagnia del mio paese. Inoltre, è questo è molto importante, io sono un grande fan di Angry Birds!" ha commentato Kovalainen.

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    Postato da: 15 marzo 2012 alle 17:18
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    Incredibile :D...

    Postato da: Dani15 marzo 2012 alle 20:08
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    he is not too worried about the pcropest of rain at the Singapore GP after securing pole position for the event.The Ferrari driver clinched his second

    he is not too worried about the pcropest of rain at the Singapore GP after securing pole position for the event.The Ferrari driver clinched his second pole in a row on Saturday, after edging Red Bull rival Sebastian Vettel by less than a tenth.Alonso, who is 19 points behind championship leader Mark Webber, admitted he is expecting a difficult race tomorrow, but reckons Ferrari will be strong both in the dry and in the wet. It is going to be a tough race but we are in the best position to start, said the Spaniard after securing his 20th pole position in Formula 1. Obviously pole will help in the dry and in the wet in terms of visibility so let's try to take the opportunity. Tomorrow if it rains in any part of the day there will be parts of the track that will remain wet so it is a race to survive in some way. Starting on pole is the best thing, we are not worried about wet or dry as we should be quick in both. Alonso conceded, however, that his pole will mean little if the race is wet tomorrow. We know that there are some circuits where it is important to be on pole, and this is one. If it rains on the day Turn 3 or Turn 5 will be wet, so maybe pole means a bit less in those conditions because you can lose four or five seconds it is the best position to start the race. In preparation for this Sunday afternoon you need a good Saturday and today we did it. He added: The main target is to be on the podium. At the moment Lewis and Mark are in front in championship, so the target is to finish the race in front of them if we can, and if we cannot then finish as close as we can to not lose more points. The job for tomorrow is to do that and when someone else is leading the championship we compare with those. Alonso had a small scare during the second qualifying segment, complaining about the mapping of his engine.The issue came after team-mate Felipe Massa was unable to set a time when his car stopped in Q1 with an apparent engine issue. We tried to understand Felipe's problems obviously, looking at telemetry but until car is back we will not know, Alonso added. We made some safe changes in the car to avoid risks. We ran with experimental hings here and after Massa we went back to the old one. In Q2 we were running old maps on the car and in Q3 with the right maps the car was feeling better. Sebastian Vettel believes he can still win the Singapore Grand Prix despite missing out on pole position on Saturday.Vettel, who looked like the favourite for pole after topping two of the three practice sessions, lost out to Alonso by less than a tenth of a second.The Red Bull driver still believes he should have been on pole, but reckoned his session had not gone as smoothly as expected. I missed pole by a little bit but we should have been on pole, said Vettel. It was not a very smooth qualifying session with traffic here and there, but that is how it is. Tomorrow it is more important, and starting second is not a bad thing considering they did quite a job at cleaning the circuit and second is not as bad as the last couple of years and if it rains tomorrow anything is possible. We have a very strong car no matter what the conditions. He added: Obviously it is not ideal, so we have to be happy with second and even if we go second or third into the first corner, depending on conditions we have a good car and are able to win. It's much more important tomorrow than today. This is one of the long races, it is nearly two hours, very tough, and a lot of things can happen. Surely it helps the further up you are in qualifying. Fernando started from 15th and won the race [in 2008], joked Vettel, referring to the race-fixing scandal that helped Alonso win the race two years ago.Vettel is also confident that Red Bull will be able to make a good start in tomorrow's race after having struggled with them in recent events. Lately our starts were not as good as they used to be at the beginning of the season, he said. We struggled a little bit to put consistent starts in. We have done some homework and we should be better tomorrow. I don't think there is anything wrong, if you look at it I think we were a bit unfortunate. Silverstone we had the same start behind us, therefore there is not much to worry about, and we have some improvements. We don't come here with new parts so pretty much as we have been but set-up slightly different. Lewis Hamilton is confident that McLaren has the pace to beat Red Bull in tomorrow's Singapore Grand Prix after a solid performance in qualifying today.Hamilton will start tomorrow's race from third on the grid alongside team-mate Jenson Button, and the Briton claimed that Fernando Alonso's pole and McLaren's lockout of the second grid both prove that Red Bull's advantage is slipping. They are beatable, he said in the post-qualifying press conference. Fernando has proven that today through qualifying. Clearly they don't have the two second lead they had at one stage this year. Our team is doing a solid job and long run pace is better than qualifying pace, so tomorrow we will have a good race. Hamilton said that he was reasonably satisfied with his own performance in qualifying, although he felt he could have gotten more out of the car on his final run. The session was okay, he said. On the first lap I was much too close to Jenson so on the last sector I was losing a bit of downforce, but nevertheless it was quite a good lap. In the last lap, I didn't improve it wasn't a good lap.

    Postato da: Uciha29 marzo 2012 alle 03:19

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Heikki Johannes Kovalainen

Nato il 19 ottobre 1981

nazionalità Finlandia (FI)

altezza 170 cm

peso 62 kg



Australia (AU)

Lunghezza: 5.303 m

Record sul giro
1'24"125 (M.Schumacher, Formula 1, 2004)


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